Thursday, 17 December 2009

Leaves and Snow

Walking in the park adjacent to us this afternoon, wonder of wonders, the sound of leaves underfoot was a first. Still very little snow, hence not enough to offer any cover for the fallen leaves. We had some very cold temps, in the minus 20's celsius, and I am quite concerned for some of my perennials. Or rather those that I am pushing the envelope on, such as Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola', which I have covered with flax straw and Epimedium rubrum, which I have not covered. Tomorrow I will be gathering up some of those oak leaves and blanketing the Epimedium. I would dearly miss those bobbing little Bishops Hats in the spring.

We have 'warmed up' by our standards to a very pleasant -8c today with still no sign of snow. Every year my husband and I build a snowman in our backyard but not this year. The only one to look at will be in this message of Happy Wishes to All!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Gardening under the Full Moon

This was a December 1st to remember! I have never gardened at night and enjoyed doing it so much. If anyone knows what our 'typical' winter weather is like I would have been bundled up and working in mid-day under sunshine. But I couldn't resist having just arrived home with my fresh seasonal greens for my outdoor containers. The moon was brilliant and along with our Christmas lights, plenty of light shone on my gardening areas. What pleasure at zero degrees celsius as I was relishing working in my light garden gloves, not shivering and having to come inside to warm up the frozen fingers from winter gloves. Plus wearing no winter boots as no snow has arrived. I remained outside for 2 hours relishing how beautiful and our was. November broke all time high records with it being the warmest November in history.

And I was blessed to take advantage of this special first day of December, doing what I love to matter where or when.