Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Pruning in Arizona

From my previous blog about my stay in France to now being in Arizona. Yes, I am very blessed. Son, daughter in law and two young grandsons to visit in a new home and a wonderful newly planted yard.

It is a requirement in their area to plant native plants in the front yard. There I was this morning pruning desert plants and being somewhat ruthless as I was shown by a local landscape worker. One stipulation.....no pruning when the temperature reaches 28f. No problem here with that very often. At this time of year the temps. are glorious....not so in the summer months. They live in summer as we do in winter in Winnipeg.....inside. Air conditioning versus heating.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Gardening in France

Lost a long time from blogging here and I have missed doing so. Since my previous message I have put a lot of miles on viewing many different gardens in Europe. This trip was planned 6 months previous to my Mom's passing away. In the big picture I felt this was all meant to be, visiting far away family not seen very often. Our daughter lives in Villefranche sur Mer which is just east of Nice right on the Mediterranean. How great is that?!

Hence, very special to spend 7 weeks living with her in the non-vehicular village. Anyone who wants to lose weight or become very fit, this is the place.....many steep steps. I loved it! Plus the spectacular views, wonderful food, little shops, friendly people, markets and just enjoying walking the grand dog meandering along the narrow sidewalks and streets with a destination of a quaint coffee bar or patisserie.

No vehicles allowed? That does not stop these residents from gardening. As I watched them trudge in soil, huge containers and plants, I realized how easy our gardening is in comparison. Then the watering. Good if they live on the ground floor but if not more steps or the water fountain in the 'place'. The wonders of their hard work is shown in the pictures. The balcony one is the village winner with the most beautiful balcony.

Over our time away we travelled to the many cities along the Cote d'Azur---Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Juan les Pins, St. Tropez, Menton, Ventimiglia and also some in Provence. Further afield we went on a driving trip to northern Italy and Austria. What absolutely spectacular scenery and history! Throughout all these travels many gardens fit into our tour schedule of which I will continue to share.