Saturday, 31 January 2009

Northern Prairie Gardener

Hopefully, I can become as dedicated a blogger as I am gardener. Recently, I have been reading some gardener blogs and they are truly amazing and wonderful. As this title says, I garden in the prairies of Canada. While it is challenging, I know that there are always challenges for gardeners wherever we garden. We, in the north always want to 'push the envelope' and try growing plants in warmer zones. But, then those gardeners in hot regions cannot grow what we can....amazing peonies, lilacs, etc. Our snow covering is a blessing for us at this time of year. Right now my perennials are snuggled down under a foot and a half of this insulation. It is a quiet time of the year where we look out at the winter garden in its beauty with snow artistically piled on the tops of the obelisks or the snow falling like a ribbon on the tree branches or fences....truly a beautiful sight!