Thursday, 5 January 2012

Jack Frost

As we in Winnipeg and surrounding areas are experiencing record breaking warm temperatures with little snow, we gardeners are still concerned about our plants. We know the colder temps. will arrive soon and with no snow to insulate them we could be in for a big plant loss in the spring.

Normally I only cover my Rodgersia pinnata and tender Heuchera with flax straw. But recently I gathered some oak leaves as all my flax was used, and covered one of my favourite perennials, Brunnera 'Jack Frost'. The plants I have were planted this spring to replace ones that I had for over 7 years which I lost 2 years ago to a very harsh, high plant loss winter/spring. It is one of my favourite perennials in my shade garden. Its electric blue flowers brighten the early springtime garden. The remainder of the summer is featured with 'Jack Frosts' silver variegated leaves....a great asset in a shade garden.

I am enjoying this weeks temperatures between 0C and 7C, but not without thinking of my perennials without their winter insulation to keep them warm and still here to enjoy this summer.