Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Vegetables at Last

Well I have finally harvested some vegetables from the 'varmint' garden. I did harvest one meal of lettuce early on but guess I bragged too much and the varmint said...'I'll fix her!'

Last week I harvested the first of the french filet beans....my favourite. Seed came straight from France....thank you daughter. Although OSC seeds now has the variety and have heard they are very good too. And again more regrown lettuce. Thank heaven for 'cut and come again' variety by Renee's Gardens. Yesterday another season first...the sugary taste of Sungold cherry tomatoes...my absolute favourite. Sooo sweet and tender skinned and a fun colour, orange.

The Sungold tomato plants are gigantic this summer....a hot one, perfect for them. They do get watered every day. I severely pruned them yesterday as they would grow to heaven if not done and would never ripen before winter. Besides my dear deer friends are now leaning over said garden and nibbling on the tall plants. Two bucks are calling the cottage area home and I am suspecting them.