Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Favourite Tomatoes

The summer vegetable garden this year has been very productive and continues to do so into the beginning of September.  Every day now my basket fills with my favourite tomatoes.  I grow all of them from seed begun in April and initially they grow under fluorescent grow lights in the basement.  Once I have transplanted them from their seedling trays into larger containers, I move them outside into a cold frame where they are finished until planted into the garden.
My favourites are:  Sungold, Park's Seeds Whopper and the newest in my stable of likes, Black Cherry.  They cross over to satisfy all one's tastes....Sungold, tender skinned, very sweet and juicy, and a beautiful orange colour;  Whopper, ideal tomato slice size, good tasting and the perfect looking tomato with no black spot or disease; Black Cherry, although touted as a 'cherry tomato' it is a bit larger but still a 'pop in the mouth' or cut in half tidbit, sweet, juicy and a lovely jewel colour, again with no blemishes.

Hopefully, our first frost will come late this year and I will be able to harvest all these delicious specimens as they ripen on the vine.