Friday, 29 April 2011

Spring Again!

So much to blog about with spring in all its full glory! A glorious wedding day for William and Catherine in England and time for us to celebrate with friends for an almost all nighter.

Here in Winnipeg an unusual bird sighting for us....a brilliant red male cardinal. It was enjoying our feeding stations as much as our resident mallard duck couple.

Time spent today outside planting up all varieties of annual plugs from Schriemer's greenhouse. This is the bonus of working there......having ready access to the selection as they are placed on the tables. Now where oh where to keep them all?!

My three tier light fixture is still in use for my overwintering succulents. Although I have taken my large variegated agave and one echeveria container out from under them. The weather has been in the upper teens and to the mid 20's. A perfect reintroduction time for them to come outside and acclimatize. I am still always closely watching the overnight thermometer and if there is any risk of close to zero, they come back inside.

The crocuses were blooming gloriously in the front flower bed and untouched for 2 weeks by the bunnies. Alas, I guess they couldn't resist anymore and voila!.....they were gone. I must be more vigilant in sprinkling on blood meal.