Thursday, 4 October 2012

Maypole and Buck

As early fall arrives so have the voracious appetites of the neighbourhood deer at the lake.  Especially handsome is the marrauding buck.  As majestic as he is the battle of the gardener(moi), continues.
Alright, I managed to keep him out of the smaller vegetable garden for the past 6 weeks.  But he finally won another round by eating my mache, which I was saving for out of town guests, and my Heucheras which I had just planted in said garden for overwintering them.

I am hoping with my new maypole it is enough to let the poor Heuchera regenerate enough to survive.  It doesn't look beautiful, but then again I will not have to look at it as the cottage is closed for the season.  And it will greet me colourfully in the spring for when I want to see a maypole.  Do you think it will work?!