Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Bunnies and Bran

What do rabbits eat in the dead of winter when there is lots of snow cover? There my 'pet' neighbourhood rabbit was munching on the dead crisp frozen leaves of my 'winter interest' plant.....Eupatorium! Now these plants grew ginormous this summer, close to 7 feet. Bunnie would have lots of food if only he was taller. And there I was having my breakfast watching this while munching on my bran buds.....hmmmmm similar crunchy dry food......except mine lasts all year! Lucky rabbit when the new shoots of grass.....who am I kidding?!....noses of tulips is more likely......begin to sprout for his change of diet.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Spring rain in February.

Unbelievable weather we are experiencing! Rain in February occurs approximately once every 20 years and this is one of them. Not so good for us humans as the rain has now frozen and the sidewalks, driveways and streets are skating rinks. But the beaver in our creek must have known spring was arriving. He/she was out of its hut....which is in the creek bank unlike a mounded up hut.....and walking about trimming branches and carrying them back in for its dinner. Something I have never seen. I went for a walk today along the creek and it is now filled with street drainage water on top of the ice. I am hoping the beaver is alright and has built its 'living room' high enough to withstand this very unusual occurence.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Gardens of Australia

Yesterday was a perfect evening to give a presentation on the Gardens of Australia to the Friends of the Conservatory here in Winnipeg. Going to the event my car temperature was -23c! It was a wonderful 'escape' for all the hardy souls who attended. My pictures included ones from community, private, Royal Botanical and my ultimate favourite one Cloudehill Gardens. It is in the Arts and Crafts style as those gardens of Sissinghurst or Hidcote in England. This style of garden has been also influenced by the Italian Renaissance gardens. Cloudehill is on 5 acres and comprised of 22 garden rooms. Wherever one walks or turns there is another beautiful vista to embrace. Any gardener who visits Melbourne should definitely put this one on their to do list. It compares with if not better than those gardens of England and Europe.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Strong Winds

Very strong winds ...up to 100km/hr yesterday so lots of oak branches and twigs waiting to be cleaned up in the spring....maybe two more months?! What I was really hoping for was that a few of the large squirrel nests would be blown down....oops did I say that? .....the nature lover I am! Truly I like to watch their antics but I could do with less of them to eat my Christmas lights....have to buy new ones every year....or to dig out and fling the soil out of my large patio containers. Mesh on top of the soil just does not add to the beauty. Although I found I do rather like the look of large flat stones on top too heavy for said critters to disturb.