Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Saginaw Rest Area

As a Master Gardener in Manitoba, I was awestruck by the fabulous volunteer work of the Saginaw Master Gardeners who maintain the rest area north of Saginaw.  It is spectacular!  We were enroute to Waterloo, Ontario for my dear lifelong friend's funeral.  This was a sudden passing and in my mind discovering such an oasis along the way was a treasure. 
The plants are unique prime specimens, both perennials and annuals.  Who would find a black and white themed annual garden at a rest area?   Here it is!  Hopefully, someone out there can identify a plant that I did not recognize.  It is black leaved in a maple shape with a single-petalled dark pink flower.  There were beautiful perennial specimens--black lace elder, ligularia, hostas, butterfly shrubs in white and purple to name a few.

Many thanks to those MG volunteers who dedicate countless hours to this lovely rest area for all to enjoy who stop along the route, a truly 'restful' area.